I didn’t get any cake yesterday cause apparently my dad was still working on it.

He brought it to school today and I’m just-




is all of that


frickin sugar?


holy jesus 

wtf i think your dad just defied the law of physics and pastries

Is your dad Buddy Valastro?

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This makes my day okay

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Artist: Kallica

i laughed until i cried

I think that these really perfect the drunk Thranduil omg

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So decided to show how my wings are attached to the costume. theres no wire coat hanger as a brace, No ribbon ties at your armpits, and no corset method! But what you will need is a bra with removable straps and clear bra straps!

Lets get started!

1) & 2) Okay! so you have your bra! Remove the straps from the bra! that simple!

3) Now take your straps and adjust them to your preference. Now i got mine from Joann craft and Fabric for $6 but you can basically find them anywhere. preferably go for the plain ones for this method.

4) Now hook the straps to the bra loops in the front but leave the back for now a moment!

5) Now on the back of my wing base, i have 3 short strips of ribbon tacked down 3 side by side. you need these for the back portion of the straps.

6) thread the straps through the ribbon loops and clip the bra in place.

7) now just clasp on your bra! Preferably have a friend help you shimmy into it and then adjust the wings. if theyre too high or low just pull them up or down gently until theyre at the height you want and theyre straightened out.

8) Put on your blouse and once again, preferably have a friend help you out otherwise your arms look like chicken wings and they will cramp!

And there you have it!! comfy wings without that annoying harness! Happy cosplaying loves!

and for the wings, i followed this tutorial —-> http://flying-fox.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-Film-Wing-Tutorial-335885504

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"The intensely patriarchal Westeros gives women two paths towards success: they can either work within the system, or reject it all together. Arya literally pretends to be a boy to escape King’s Landing, but Sansa cloaks herself in the mask of proper lady-hood to survive. This shouldn’t make her unworthy of respect. It just offers an alternative narrative of how women may navigate a man’s world. Sansa may be girly, but she’s not weak; she just finds her strength within femininity itself."

- "Why Sansa Stark is the Strongest Character on Game of Thrones" (x)

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Scott McCall, apex predator

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when someone mentions newsies


This is the bat signal for Beth and myself

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